About Alex

BWalker 6William (Alex) Walker was raised in Knoxville, TN and graduated from the University of Tennessee.  He was a member of Sigma Chi Fraternity. Walker spent eight years as an officer in the U.S. Army Reserve with an honorable discharge and the rank of captain.  He spent a long career with United States Gypsum Co. in various marketing and sales management positions.  He is currently retired

Walker wrote several magazine articles for Lost Treasure Magazine.  The first titled The Lost Gold of Keel Mountain was published in the December 2006 issue .  A second article titled “Joseph Criner Family Treasures Found” was published in the July 2012 issue and a third titled “An Unlikely Treasure Found”  in the May 2013 issue.
He has completed four historical Action/Adventure thriller novels titled TOLTEC, CUZCO, and ZENOX (Part of the Toltec Series) published by Deeds Publishing, Athens, GA.  TOLTEC was released in July 2012, CUZCO released June 4, 2013, the third novel, ZENOX was released July 2015, and the fourth novel of the series, RUNES, was released by the publisher the end of February 2018.


5 Responses to About Alex

  1. Marc Kelly says:

    Hello Alex
    I just finished TOLTEC and I enjoyed the book VERY MUCH. I will buy CUZCO when it comes out. I also was born and raised in Knoxville, TN. I was just curious what high school you went to. I went to Young High the first two years and then to TMI in Sweetwater, TN. I went back to TN in 1995 and they had leveled Young and it is now a mall.


  2. Mitch McCleskey says:


    I am really enjoying the book. 260 pages in and enjoying the adventure!!


  3. Dean Kutzler says:

    I look forward to reading your work. 😉

  4. Brian says:

    On chapter 15 of Zenox. Doesn’t disappoint. If you read the first two than u gotta read this. Glad there will be a fourth book.

  5. Buford says:

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