The Toltec Series

Welcome to my website.  I invite you to view information about my action/adventure novels from the TOLTEC SERIES.  My four novels, TOLTEC, CUZCOZENOX, and RUNES, published by DEEDS Publishing of Athens, GA, take you on perilous adventures in search for ancient civilizations and the hidden treasures from long lost empires.  Incredible discoveries are found that can drastically change history.  TOLTEC is the first novel release of the Toltec Series, CUZCO the second sequel release, ZENOX the third, and RUNES the fourth.  All four historic action/adventure thrillers are fast-paced stories full of intrigue, action, and suspense.  TOLTEC takes our two main characters on an incredible action-packed journey in search of a lost city and the vast treasures hidden within by Indians of the ancient Toltec civilization that once inhabited it. A startling discovery is made that leads our characters to a most improbable and explosive conclusion.  CUZCO takes our characters on an suspenseful quest into the sacred lands of the Incas of Peru and ZENOX on an incredible and harrowing journey through the Amazon and places beyond the wildest imaginations. The fourth book in the series, RUNES, was released on February 24, 2018 and takes our treasure hunters into the Caribbean in search of treasure from a 17th century sunken Spanish treasure ship and then into the Arctic Circle in search of a lost Viking city and perhaps, the greatest adventure of them all. RUNES is also available through Amazon in print or eBook format.

The e-book versions for Amazon-Kindle, Barnes & Noble-Nook are all available for immediate download. The Kindle eBooks can be ordered now by clicking on the book cover icons to the right, or you can order them from the Amazon bookstore and search Alex Walker Toltec, Cuzco, Zenox, or Runes.  The high quality printed trade paperbacks can be ordered online from Amazon and most major bookstores worldwide or with a link from this website to the publisher/distributor for immediate shipment.  To order TOLTEC press the tab “Buy TOLTEC” on the above title bar.  A brief synopsis of the book is provided along with the order tabs linking the order and payment screen to the publisher/distributor.  Also, you go to the bar tabs  CUZCO, ZENOX and RUNES above for a synopsis and to order these books online.  All four novels can be purchased through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other bookseller websites worldwide.

Books can also be purchased direct from the publisher’s website and bookstore at special pricing:

A special packaged set of all books is also available for a discounted price through the publisher’s website link.


Below is the link for the professional literary book five star review for my first novel, TOLTEC, with a 5 star rating and very good review and critique.

Below is the link for the 5 star professional review for my second novel, CUZCO.  The link to this review is:

The professional 5 star review for the third novel, ZENOX, can be seen with the following link:

The professional 5 star review for the fourth and newest novel, RUNES can be seen with the following link:

By pressing the tab, “The Shreds of Truth,” on the above title bar, you can learn of the historical background and interesting factual information about TOLTEC and the characters. TOLTEC is the first book of The Toltec Series.  The second book is CUZCO, the third book is ZENOX,  and the fourth book is RUNES, all published and released by Deeds Publishing.  Check out the tab above in the menu bar above for a synopsis and more information. Thank you for visiting with us and we sincerely hope you enjoy the journey…. Alex Walker

About awauthor

Author of the action/adventure thriller novels from the Toltec Adventure Series. Current books published are TOLTEC, CUZCO, ZENOX, and RUNES, all available in print or eBooks.
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2 Responses to The Toltec Series

  1. Larry says:

    Good luck Alex

  2. Mitch says:

    Just finished Toltec. You said enjoy the adventure and that is exactly what I did. Can’t wait for Cuzco.

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